New era. Big plans

Investing in Crypto Finnex® portfolios of Crypto assets allows our clients to be far ahead of others, receiving real income from new trends in the world of cryptocurrencies, significant events of large blockchain projects, as well as new startups.

Asset protection

From the risks of investing in various assets and adverse market changes.

Experienced team

Bid for analysts with experience in trading or portfolio management.


Securities of crypto companies, crypto startups, crypto assets.

24/7 service team

Always online professional client servise that you can trust.

Profitable investments with comfort

Profitability above the market average is always associated with constant monitoring of your investments, creating a Plan B for your savings and the desire to protect income from possible losses. Active monitoring of financial markets and news background on an ongoing basis has already been done for you. Every day the team is ready to offer you a new structure of the investment portfolio with a target yield of up to 10%.

A timely response to frequent changes in the developing crypto market allows you to reduce the investment horizon to 10 days. The short investment period is undoubtedly a unique advantage for investors in Crypto Finnex®, which allows you to actively manage the investment volume of your personal savings. It also demonstrates the active work of the portfolio management team to ensure that clients achieve their portfolio profitability targets.

We strive to provide the lowest values of the time lag between the moment of updating information on the company‘s servers and client‘s personal accounts.

How does it work?
  • 1
    Creating a portfolio

    The investment portfolio management team continuously evaluates each individual investment and modifies its structure when necessary.

  • 2
    Opening access to the portfolio

    After successful testing of the portfolio with the company‘s investments, we open access to the portfolio to clients who can purchase a share of the portfolio.

  • 3
    Profit distribution

    The rate of return for each portfolio is 10% per investment cycle. It is distributed in proportion to the acquired share among all investors.

  • 4
    Profit management

    Increasing the share in the investment portfolio or sending a request for withdrawal of funds - you can make a choice immediately after the profit is credited to your brokerage account.

Explore new income opportunities to increase your revenue

Finnex Partnership Program aims to be one of the easiest and most lucrative affiliate programs offered on financial services market.

Partner since you Sign Up

We look forward to working with you from the first day we got you as our client and that`s why your account already have a partner status as a default.

Clear terms

We offer comfortable 3 level (8%-1%-1%) affilate structure with instant enrollments for one and only purpose - establish trusting & mutual beneficial relationship with each Finnex partner.


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